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Ehegartner, Veronika; Kirschneck, Michaela; Frisch, Dieter; Schuh, Angela; Kus, Sandra (2020): Entwicklung, Durchführung und Evaluierung eines Präventionsprogrammes für Pflegekräfte (PFLEGEprevent) – Studienprotokoll. In: Physikalische Medizin, Rehabilitationsmedizin, Kurortmedizin, Vol. 30, No. 1: pp. 33-36
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Specific health promotion can help to increase health and and strengthen resources of employees. The aim of the project "PFLEGEprevent" (funded by the Bavarian Ministry of Health and Nursing) is to develop a prevention program that focuses on the special needs of care stuff. The project is structured in four subprojects: (1) identification of needs, workloads and occupational challenges of caregivers and the scientific evidence (national expert survey and systematic literature review), (2) development of a specific prevention program, (3) implementation and evaluation of the prevention program (Intervention study;DRKS00012870), (4) development of a manual to instruct the implementation of the prevention program (transferability). The protocol paper provides an overview of the four phases of the project.