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Jungbauer, Rebecca; Liebermann, Anja; Kieschnick, Annett; Stawarczyk, Bogna (2020): Befestigungsmöglichkeiten von Brackets und Attachments in der Kieferorthopädie. In: Informationen Aus Orthodontie und Kieferorthopaedie, Vol. 52, No. 2: pp. 129-135
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Various resin composite materials and bonding protocols are available for luting of brackets and aligner attachments. Good bonding properties on enamel surfaces can be performed after conditioning with phosphoric acid-based monomers using the etch and rinse protocol or with various self-etching adhesive systems. The resin composite materials used for luting differ in terms of the monomer matrix, the fillers and their quantity as well as their initiation system. Brackets can be luted directly or indirectly. Attachments for treatment with aligners can be bonded in one or two phases. The aim of this article is to provide an overview of the different materials and bonding protocols based on the current literature.