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Hofmeister, Benedikt; Stülpnagel, Celina von; Berweck, Steffen; Abicht, Angela; Kluger, Gerhard and Weber, Peter (2020): Cooccurrence of Two Different Genetic Diseases: A Case of Valproic Acid Hepatotoxicity in Nicolaides-Baraitser Syndrome ( SMARCA2 Mutation)-Due to a POLG1 -Related Effect? In: Neuropediatrics, Vol. 51, No. 1: pp. 49-52

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Nicolaides-Baraitser syndrome (NCBRS) is a rare disease caused by a mutation in the SMARCA2 gene. Clinical features include craniofacial dysmorphia and abnormalities of the limbs, as well as intellectual disorder and often epilepsy. Hepatotoxicity is a rare complication of the therapy with valproic acid (VPA) and a mutation of the polymerase gamma ( POLG ) might lead to a higher sensitivity for liver hepatotoxicity. We present a patient with the coincidence of two rare diseases, the NCBRS and additionally a POLG1 mutation in combination with a liver hepatotoxicity. The co-occurrence in children for two different genetic diseases is discussed with the help of literature review.

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