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Zheng, Mingjun; Hu, Yuexin; Gou, Rui; Liu, Ouxuan; Nie, Xin; Li, Xiao; Liu, Qing; Hao, Yingying; Liu, Juanjuan and Lin, Bei (2020): Identification of immune-enhanced molecular subtype associated with BRCA1 mutations, immune checkpoints and clinical outcome in ovarian carcinoma. In: Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Vol. 24, No. 5: pp. 2819-2831

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Ovarian carcinoma has the highest mortality among the malignant tumours in gynaecology, and new treatment strategies are urgently needed to improve the clinical status of ovarian carcinoma patients. The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) cohort were performed to explore the immune function of the internal environment of tumours and its clinical correlation with ovarian carcinoma. Finally, four molecular subtypes were obtained based on the global immune-related genes. The correlation analysis and clinical characteristics showed that four subtypes were all significantly related to clinical stage;the immune scoring results indicated that most immune signatures were upregulated in C3 subtype, and the majority of tumour-infiltrating immune cells were upregulated in both C3 and C4 subtypes. Compared with other subtypes, C3 subtype had a higher BRCA1 mutation, higher expression of immune checkpoints, and optimal survival prognosis. These findings of the immunological microenvironment in tumours may provide new ideas for developing immunotherapeutic strategies for ovarian carcinoma.

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