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Marschner, C. A.; Zhang, L.; Schwarze, V.; Völckers, W.; Froelich, M. F.; Münchhausen, N. von; Schnitzer, M. L.; Geyer, T.; Fabritius, M. P.; Rübenthaler, J. and Clevert, D.-A. (2020): The diagnostic value of contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) for assessing hepatocellular carcinoma compared to histopathology;a retrospective single-center analysis of 119 patients. In: Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation, Vol. 76, No. 4: pp. 453-458

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BACKGROUND: HCC as the 6th most common tumor entity with the fourth highest mortality and an increasing prevalence especially due to today's lifestyle acquires a high attention in the clinical setting. Beside CECT and CEMRI, CEUS depicts a dynamic, low-risk and radiation free imaging method that finds its use mainly in screening and active surveillance programs. PURPOSE: The aim of the retrospective study was to evaluate the diagnostic value of CEUS in correlation to pathologic findings. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Between 2004 and 2018 a total number of 119 patients were included in this retrospective single-center study. Every patient underwent CEUS in addition to a native B-mode and Color-Doppler scan. After given informed consent SonoVue (R) (Bracco, Milan, Italy), a second-generation blood-pool agent, was used as contrast medium. Every examination was performed and interpreted by a single experienced radiologist (EFSUMB level 3). A low mechanical index (MI) of <0,2 was chosen to obtain a good imaging quality. RESULTS: All 119 included patients received CEUS followed by a liver biopsy for inter-modality comparison. In correlation to the pathology results, CEUS showed a diagnostic sensitivity of 96,6%, a specificity of 63,9%, a PPV of 86,7% and a NPV of 88,5% by detecting liver lesions suspicious for HCC. According to the Cohen's Kappa coefficient (k = 0,659) CEUS shows a strong inter-modality agreement in comparison to the histopathological finding. CONCLUSION: With a high sensitivity and a strong cross-modality comparability to histopathology, the CEUS is highly effective in the detection of suspicious HCC lesions.

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