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Merz, Maximilian; Dechow, Tobias; Scheytt, Mithun; Schmidt, Christian; Hackanson, Björn and Knop, Stefan (2020): The clinical management of lenalidomide-based therapy in patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma. In: Annals of Hematology, Vol. 99, No. 8: pp. 1709-1725

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Lenalidomide is an integral, yet evolving, part of current treatment pathways for both transplant-eligible and transplant-ineligible patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma (NDMM). It is approved in combination with dexamethasone as first-line therapy for transplant-ineligible patients with NDMM, and as maintenance treatment following autologous stem cell transplantation (ASCT). Although strong clinical trial evidence has supported the integration of lenalidomide into current treatment paradigms for NDMM, applying those paradigms to individual patients and determining which patients are most likely to benefit from lenalidomide treatment are more complex. In this paper, we utilize the available clinical trial evidence to provide recommendations for patient selection and lenalidomide dosing in both the first-line setting in patients ineligible for ASCT and the maintenance setting in patients who have undergone ASCT. In addition, we provide guidance on management of those adverse events that are most commonly associated with lenalidomide treatment, and consider the optimal selection and sequencing of next-line agents following long-term frontline or maintenance treatment with lenalidomide.

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