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Maier, Hans Jürgen; Julmi, Stefan; Behrens, Sabine; Klose, Christian; Gartzke, Ann-Kathrin; Wriggers, Peter; Waselau, Anja-Christina and Meyer-Lindenberg, Andrea (2020): Magnesium Alloys for Open-Pored Bioresorbable Implants. In: Jom, Vol. 72, No. 5: pp. 1859-1869

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If bone defects occur, the body's own healing mechanism can close them below a critical size;for larger defects, bone autografts are used. These are typically cut from the same person's hip in a second surgery. Consequently, the risk of complications, such as inflammations, rises. To avoid the risks resulting from the second surgery, absorbable, open-pored implants can be used. In the present study, the suitability of different magnesium alloys as absorbable porous bone substitute material has been investigated. Using the investment casting process with its design flexibility, the implant's structure can be adapted to the ideal pore geometry with respect to bone ingrowth behavior. Different magnesium alloys (Mg-La2, LAE442, and ZX61) were studied and rated in terms of their degradation rate, bone ingrowth behavior, biocompatibility, and resorbability of the individual alloying elements.

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