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Boehm, Teresa M. S. A.; Klinger, Christoph J.; Udraite, Laura; Müller, Ralf S. (2020): Wirkung eines homöopathischen Arzneimittels auf die klinische Symptomatik von Hunden mit atopischer Dermatitis. In: Tieraerztliche Praxis Ausgabe Kleintiere Heimtiere, Vol. 48, No. 04: pp. 245-248
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ObjectiveA commercially available medication containing homeopathic ingredients showed first signs of success in atopic dermatitis in dogs. The aim of this case series was to evaluate the effect of the preparation in a larger number of dogs with atopic dermatitis. Material and methodsTen atopic dogs received the oral homoeopathic combination preparation daily for 3 weeks according to the manufacturer's specifications. The diagnosis of atopic dermatitis was made previously by medical history, clinical examination and exclusion of differential diagnoses. Skin infections with bacteria and yeasts were excluded by clinical examination and cytological evaluation of impression smears. In food-allergic dogs, an elimination diet was fed at least 2 months prior and during the entire study period. Patients with suspected or confirmed flea allergy received flea control for at least 1 month prior to and during the study. The clinical signs were evaluated before and after therapy using a validated Pruritus Visual Analogue Acale (PVAS) and the Canine Atopic Dermatitis Lesion Index (CADLI). The coat quality was assessed by the owners. Possible adverse effects were recorded at the recheck. ResultsThere were no significant changes in the lesion score (Wilcoxon test, p = 1.0), pruritus score (paired t test, p = 0.34) and coat quality (paired t test, p = 0.34) over the duration of treatment. Only one patient showed a slight improvement in itching and coat quality. No side effects were observed.