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Schenk, Anne M. U.; Münzing, Sandra; Rönneburg, Uta; Schenk, Henning C.; Leipig, Miriam and Matiasek, Kaspar (2020): Polymyositis mit einseitiger Lahmheit im Rahmen einer Trichinellose beim Hund. In: Tieraerztliche Praxis Ausgabe Kleintiere Heimtiere, Vol. 48, No. 04: pp. 285-290

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A 9-year-old Cairn Terrier was presented for a right thoracic limb lameness of 3-month duration resistant to anti-inflammatory pain treatment. Blood chemistry revealed a highly elevated creatine kinase activity. An orthopedic or vascular etiology of the lameness was excluded by radiographs, computed tomography, and magnetic resonance imaging. Further workup for a neurologic or muscular etiology by electromyography, nerve conduction velocity measurement, and histology of muscle as well as nerve biopsies identified the cause of the lameness. Histology revealed a pyogranulomatous, necrotizing myositis with parasites of the speciesTrichinella. Furthermore different developmental stages of fungi were detected which were identified asMucorsp. Treatment with albendazole and itraconazole significantly improved the patient's clinical signs.

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