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Sänger, Florian and Dörfelt, Rene (2020): Feline arterielle Thromboembolie – Aktueller Stand der Diagnostik und Therapie. In: Kleintierpraxis, Vol. 65, No. 4: pp. 220-235

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Feline arterial thromboembolism (FATE) is a serious complication that frequently occurs with cardiomyopathy, but can also be seen with trauma, neoplasia or hyperthyroidism. The typical pathology consisting of paralysed, cold, painful and pale limbs with a weak or no pulse often provides a clinical diagnosis. If the diagnosis cannot be validated by the clinical signs alone, diagnostic imaging and blood analysis can be helpful. Therapy consists of treatment of the underlying disease, analgesia and prophylaxis of thrombosis;however, active thrombolysis is currently not considered to be beneficial. The crucial factor for surviving the initial episode is an intensive monitoring of the patient. Nevertheless, even with optimal monitoring and treatment, the prognosis remains guarded.

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