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Kappes, Roberto; Knob, Deise Aline; Neto, Andre Thaler; Moro Alessio, Dileta Regina; Rodrigues, Wagner Bianchin; Scholz, Armin Manfred and Bonotto, Ramiro (2020): Cow's functional traits and physiological status and their relation with milk yield and milk quality in a compost bedded pack barn system. In: Revista Brasileira De Zootecnia-Brazilian Journal of Animal Science, Vol. 49, e20190213

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


We aimed to determine the relationship of milk yield, milk composition, and somatic cell score (SCS) with functional traits (lameness score, udder cleanliness score, udder depth, and teat end hyperkeratosis score) and physiological status (parity and days in milk (DIM) of cows housed in compost bedded pack barn system (CBP) using multivariate analysis. Data were collected in September and October of 2017 and evaluated using factor and cluster analysis. Four factors were formed, with the first factor showing the traits responsible for altering the lactose content in milk, the second factor comprising the effect of DIM, the third factor representing the teat end hyperkeratosis score, and the fourth factor demonstrating the udder cleanliness. The cluster analysis formed three clusters. Clusters 2 and 3 differed for protein and lactose content, SCS, parity, DIM, lameness score, and udder depth. Cluster 1 differed from the others, especially due to the high milk yield. Cow conformation traits and physiological status affected milk yield and composition in CBP. There is an association between udder depth, parity, and SCS with negative impact on lactose content. Parity is also associated with higher milk yield and teat end hyperkeratosis score. Cows with lower lameness score presented dirtier udders due to increased movements on the feed parlor and water troughs areas. Special attention to the improvement of the udder conformation traits, as well as management practices that reduce hyperkeratosis, are necessary to keep high yielding, healthy, and cows with higher longevity. The cleanliness in the feed parlor and water troughs area is very important to preserve milk quality and healthy cows.

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