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Simone, Rosaria; Tutz, Gerhard; Iannario, Maria (2020): Subjective heterogeneity in response attitude for multivariate ordinal outcomes. In: Econometrics and Statistics, Vol. 14: pp. 145-158
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Traditional statistical models with random effects account for heterogeneity in the population with respect to the location of the response in a subject-specific way. This approach ignores that also uncertainty of the responses can vary across individuals and items: for example, subject-specific indecision may play a role in the rating process relative to questionnaire items. In this setting, a generalized mixture model is advanced that accounts for subjective heterogeneity in response behaviour for multivariate ordinal responses: to this aim, random effects are specified for the individual propensity to a structured or an uncertain response attitude. Simulations and a case study illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed model and its implications. (c) 2019 EcoSta Econometrics and Statistics. Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.