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Chen, Hongshuo; Siedentop, Heinz (2020): On the excess charge of a relativistic statistical model of molecules with an inhomogeneity correction. In: Journal of Physics A, Mathematical and Theoretical, Vol. 53, No. 39, 395201
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


We show that the molecular relativistic Thomas-Fermi-Weizsacker functional consisting of atoms of atomic numbersZ(1), horizontal ellipsis ,Z(k)has a minimizer, if the particle numberNis constrained to a number less or equal to the total nuclear chargeZ colon equals Z(1)+ MIDLINE HORIZONTAL ELLIPSIS +Z(K). Moreover, there is no minimizer, if the particle number exceeds 2.56Z. This gives lower and upper bounds on the maximal ionization of heavy atoms.