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Jennes, Iris, Friedrich, Markus, Bank, Jaco van der, Broeck, Wendy van den, Ebert, Andre and Boonen, Michelle (2020): The benefits of interdisciplinary scenario-building for hybrid radio applications. In: Telematics and Informatics, Vol. 54, 101455

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


In this paper, we make the case for building interdisciplinary scenarios, integrating technological, business and user perspective during the fuzzy front-end of innovation. We start from a living lab framework, underpinning the iterative process to integrate insights from all three perspectives within research projects. Then, we explain how the approach was applied within the HRADIO project. This EU funded project focuses on the development of hybrid radio applications. We demonstrate how the process of building interdisciplinary scenarios and the involvement of multiple perspectives to evaluate these scenarios, has enabled both strategic decision making (1) and improved the technical development process within the HRADIO project (2). The first focuses on the (lack of) interest in certain scenarios from a business, technology and/or user perspective, to explain: (a) how these thresholds can be overcome and (b) what the consequences are for the project. The latter explains how we moved from interdisciplinary scenarios to a first Minimum Viable Product (MVP) that could be tested in the first pilot phase, to prototypes to be tested in the second pilot phase. To validate the importance of the scenarios, we also explain how the scenarios are integrated into the exploitation timeline. Finally, and importantly, we address how the process of multidisciplinary scenario building and evaluation can be improved.

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