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Li, Yanhong; Rossmy, Beat and Hussmann, Heinrich (2020): Tangible Interaction with Light: A Review. In: Multimodal Technologies and Interaction, Vol. 4, No. 4, 72

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Light is an important means of information representation and feedback in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), and light-emitting interaction elements are omni-present. We address here the interplay of light and tangible interaction with specifically designed objects. The goal of such designs is to support an embodied, emotional and engaged interaction experience integrated into the physical surroundings. The specific combination of tangible interaction and light as a medium is used in several approaches, but a systematic overview of this research area still does not exist. In order to understand the essence, process and result of tangible interaction with light, we conducted a systematic literature review of 169 studies of tangible interaction with light over the past 20 years. Our results provide a demographic overview of the research, but foremost analyze their concepts, purposes, conceptual frameworks, user contexts, interaction behaviors and problems addressed by tangible light. Three important findingswere obtained: (1) Tangible interaction with light has been used for diverse purposes, contexts and interactions;(2) Tangible light has addressed problems: weak interaction, don't know how to interact, interaction lacks innovation, collaborative interaction, remote tangible interaction, and emotional interaction;(3) Current research in this area can be classified as "wild theory" in conceptual research frameworks, whichmeans it emphasizes very much on innovation. The most important contribution of this work is the systematic review in itself, but the findings of our work also give some indications on new ways and future trends for tangible interaction, when combined with light as a medium.

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