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Bonnefoy, Quentin; Ciambelli, Luca; Luest, Dieter; Lust, Severin (2020): Infinite black hole entropies at infinite distances and tower of states. In: Nuclear Physics B, Vol. 958, 115112
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The aim of this paper is to elucidate a close connection between the black hole area law and the infinite distance conjecture in the context of the swampland. We consider families of black hole geometries, parametrized by their event horizon areas or by the values of their entropies, and show that the infinite entropy limit is always at infinite distance in the space of black hole geometries. It then follows from the infinite distance conjecture that there must be a tower of states in the infinite entropy limit, and that ignoring these towers on the horizon of the black hole would invalidate the effective theory when the entropy becomes large. We call this the black hole entropy distance conjecture. We then study two candidates for the tower of states. The first are the Kaluza-Klein modes of the internal geometry of extremal N = 2 black holes in string theory, whose masses on the horizon are fixed by the N = 2 attractor formalism, and given in terms of the black hole charges similarly to the entropy. However, we observe that it is possible to decouple their masses from the entropy, so that they cannot generically play the role of the tower. We thus consider a second kind of states: inspired by N-portrait quantum models of non-extremal black holes, we argue that the Goldstone-like modes that interpolate among the black hole microstates behave like the expected light tower of states. (C) 2020 The Author(s). Published by Elsevier B.V.