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Mao, Peng; Liu, Changxu; Chen, Qiang; Han, Min; Maier, Stefan A.; Zhang, Shuang (2020): Broadband SERS detection with disordered plasmonic hybrid aggregates. In: Nanoscale, Vol. 12, No. 1: pp. 93-102
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Plasmonic nanostructures possessing broadband intense field enhancement over a large area are highly desirable for nanophotonic and plasmonic device applications. In this study, 3D Ag hybrid nanoaggregates (3D-Ag-HNAs) are achieved via a highly efficient oblique angle gas-phase cluster beam deposition method. Not only can such structures produce a high density of plasmonic hot-spots to improve Raman sensitivity, but more importantly they generate kissing point-geometric singularities with a broadband optical response. We succeed in obtaining an experimental SERS enhancement factor beyond 4 x 10(7) in the visible range, providing an optimal sensing platform for different analytes. Combined with good uniformity, reproducibility and ease of fabrication, our 3D-Ag-HNA offers a candidate for new generations of SERS systems.