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Gong, Wei-Jiang; Gao, Zhen; Li, Xue-Si; Zhang, Lian-Lian (2020): Changes of orbital electron correlations due to the coupling between quantum dots and Majorana zero modes. In: New Journal of Physics, Vol. 22, No. 5, 053014
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


We present a detailed analysis about the changes of the orbital electron-correlation effects in one quantum-dot circuit, by considering finite couplings between the quantum dots and Majorana zero modes (MZMs). It is found that the dot-MZM couplings complicate the orbital-Kondo effect, because the orbital correlation occurs between the localized states in the quantum dots and the continuum hybridized states induced by the indirect metal-MZM couplings. When two of such correlation exist in pair, they have an opportunity to induce a long-range RKKY correlation, which is related to the MZMs. Further investigation shows that this RKKY interaction leads to the anomalous fractional Josephson effect. Our work can be helpful in clarifying the influence of MZM on the orbital electron correlation effects.