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Feng, Yuyi; Leiderer, Paul; Zhao, Ruizhe; Xiao, Xiaofei; Giannini, Vincenzo; Maier, Stefan A.; Nemitz, Clayton A.; Lin, Zemeng; Ding, Ning; Kang, Guoguo; Cheng, Dewen; Schmidt-Mende, Lukas; Huang, Lingling; Wang, Yongtian (2020): Giant polarization anisotropic optical response from anodic aluminum oxide templates embedded with plasmonic metamaterials. In: Optics Express, Vol. 28, No. 20: pp. 29513-29528
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Plasmonic metamaterials enable extraordinary manipulation of key constitutive properties of light at a subwavelength scale and thus have attracted significant interest. Here, we report a simple and convenient nanofabrication method for a novel meta-device by glancing deposition of gold into anodic aluminum oxide templates on glass substrates. A methodology with the assistance of ellipsometric measurements to examine the anisotropy and optical activity properties is presented. A tunable polarization conversion in both transmission and reflection is demonstrated. Specifically, giant broadband circular dichroism for reflection at visible wavelengths is experimentally realized by oblique incidence, due to the extrinsic chirality resulting from the mutual orientation of the metamaterials and the incident beam. This work paves the way for practical applications for large-area, low-cost polarization modulators, polarization imaging, displays, and bio-sensing. (C) 2020 Optical Society of America under the terms of the OSA Open Access Publishing Agreement