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Koster, Ulli; Assmann, Walter; Bacri, Charles-Olivier; Faestermann, Thomas; Garrett, Paul; Gernhaeuser, Roman; Tomandl, Ivo (2020): Electromagnetic isotope separation of gadolinium isotopes for the production of Tb-152,Tb-155 for radiopharmaceutical applications. In: Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Section B-Beam Interactions With Materials and Atoms, Vol. 463: pp. 111-114
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


A demo experiment was performed at the tandem accelerator of MLL Garching where Tb-152 was produced by irradiating a unique ion-implanted Gd-152 target (>99% enriched) with 8 and 12 MeV protons respectively. At these energies mainly Tb-152 was produced by (p,n) reactions plus a small quantity of Tb-153 by (p,gamma) reactions. Upper limits are derived for co-production of other Tb isotopes. The achieved radionuclidic purity would enable direct use for human applications. Gd isotopes of adequate isotopic enrichment could be separated with the SIDONIE mass separator at CSNSM Orsay and prepared as cyclotron targets suited for high current irradiations. In a demo experiment samples of highly enriched Gd-158 were produced at SIDONIE. The sample purity was characterized by prompt gamma activation analysis at NPI Rez. The neighboring mass Gd-152 was found to be suppressed by three to five orders of magnitude, depending on the sample position in the SIDONIE separator.