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Sampsonidis, D.; Bortfeldt, J.; Brunbauer, F.; David, C.; Desforge, D.; Fanourakis, G.; Franchi, J.; Gallinaro, M.; Garcia, F.; Giomataris, I; Gustavsson, T.; Guyot, C.; Iguaz, F. J.; Kebbiri, M.; Kordas, K.; Lampoudis, C.; Legou, P.; Liu, J.; Lupberger, M.; Maillard, O.; Maniatis, V.; Manthos, I.; Müller, H.; Oliveri, E.; Papaevangelou, T.; Paraschou, K.; Pomorski, M.; Resnati, F.; Ropelewski, L.; Schneider, T.; Schwemling, P.; Scorsone, E.; Sohl, L.; Stenis, M. van; Thuiner, P.; Tsipolitis, Y.; Tzamarias, S. E.; Veenhof, R.; Wang, X.; White, S.; Zhang, Z. and Zhou, Y. (2020): Precise timing with the PICOSEC-Micromegas detector. In: Nuovo Cimento C-Colloquia and Communications in Physics, Vol. 43, No. 1, 13

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


This work presents the concept of the PICOSEC-Micromegas detector to achieve a time resolution below 30 ps. PICOSEC consists of a two-stage Micromegas detector coupled to a Cherenkov radiator and equipped with a photo-cathode. The results from single-channel prototypes as well as the understanding of the detector in terms of detailed simulations and preliminary results from a multichannel prototype are presented.

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