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Garrett, P. E.; Makhathini, L.; Bark, R. A.; Rodriguez, T. R.; Valbuena, S.; Bildstein, V.; Bucher, T. D.; Burbadge, C.; Dubey, R.; Faestermann, T.; Hertenberger, R.; Kamil, M.; Lawrie, E. A.; Leach, K. G.; MacLean, A. D.; Malotana, C.; Mehl, C.; Mthembu, S. H.; Mukwevho, J.; Ngwetsheni, C.; Ntshangase, S. S.; Ondze, J.; Orce, J. N.; Rebeiro, B.; Singh, B.; Triambak, S.; Vyfers, E. C. and Wirth, H.-F. (2020): SHAPE COEXISTENCE IN THE Ru ISOTOPES;MULTI-SPECTROSCOPIC STUDY OF Ru-98 AND BEYOND-MEAN-FIELD CALCULATIONS. In: Acta Physica Polonica B, Vol. 51, No. 3: pp. 799-806

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


The level structure of Ru-98 was investigated via gamma-ray spectroscopy following the beta(+)/electron capture decay of Rh-98 and with the Ru-100(p, t)Ru-98 reaction. Additional gamma-ray transitions from low-lying levels were observed and spin-parity assignments of some key states were clarified, permitting the assignment of the 0(2)(+) band and the gamma band. The energies of the states in these bands fit well into the systematic trends observed in the heavier isotopes. The results are interpreted with the aid of beyond-mean-field calculations performed within the self-consistent configuration mixing method.

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