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Khlestova, J.; Chubarova, N.; Shatunova, M.; Rivin, G.; Becker, R.; Goersdorf, U.; Mayer, B.; Pospichal, B.; Seifert, P. and Zinner, T. (2020): Radiative and temperature effects of experimental cloud-radiation interaction scheme of COSMO model. In: 26th International Symposium on Atmospheric and Ocean Optics, Atmospheric Physics, Vol. 11560, 115600C

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


We analyzed macrophysical characteristics of clouds and their radiative effects using COSMO mesoscale model and four German CLOUDNET sites. The study was performed for selected days with optically thick cloudiness, which relates to the period from April to October 2018. The short-term forecasts with only 3-hour time interval permit to evaluate only cloud microphysics effect on global irradiance at ground. The comparisons of liquid cloud water content (QC) and ice cloud content (QI) between measurements and modelling are discussed. We showed that the CLOUDRAD experimental cloud radiation interaction scheme provides a better agreement in global irradiance with observations than that from the default scheme.

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