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Barry, James; Boettcher, Dirk; Pfeilsticker, Klaus; Herman-Czezuch, Anna; Kimiaie, Nicola; Meilinger, Stefanie; Schirrmeister, Christopher; Deneke, Hartwig; Witthuhn, Jonas; Gödde, Felix (2020): Dynamic model of photovoltaic module temperature as a function of atmospheric conditions. In: Advances in Science and Research, Vol. 17: pp. 165-173
Creative Commons Attribution 5MB


The temperature of photovoltaic modules is modelled as a dynamic function of ambient temperature, shortwave and longwave irradiance and wind speed, in order to allow for a more accurate characterisation of their efficiency. A simple dynamic thermal model is developed by extending an existing parametric steady-state model using an exponential smoothing kernel to include the effect of the heat capacity of the system. The four parameters of the model are fitted to measured data from three photovoltaic systems in the Allgau region in Germany using non-linear optimisation. The dynamic model reduces the root-mean-square error between measured and modelled module temperature to 1.58K on average, compared to 3.03K for the steady-state model, whereas the maximum instantaneous error is reduced from 20.02 to 6.58 K.