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Diekemper, Dominik; Schnick, Wolfgang; Schwarzer, Stefan (2020): Aus blau wird weiß – Beitrag der Chemie zu einer nachhaltigen Beleuchtung am Beispiel eines LED-Leuchtstoffs. In: Chemkon
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Chemistry significantly contributes to sustainable, energy-saving lighting through the development of more efficient phosphors. Without the development of modern and energy-efficient phosphors, white and warm white light from LED lamps would not be possible in our everyday life. As part of the experiment presented here, the important LED fluorescent yttrium aluminum garnet doped with cerium (Y3Al5O12 : Ce3+, YAG : Ce3+) is produced in a household microwave in a way that is suitable for school students. The experiment impressively demonstrates the color-converting properties through the application of the self made phosphor to a blue LED.