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Mangelsen, Sebastian; Hansen, Julian; Adler, Peter; Schnelle, Walter; Bensch, Wolfgang; Mankovsky, Sergiy; Polesya, Svitlana; Ebert, Hubert (2020): Large Anomalous Hall Effect and Slow Relaxation of the Magnetization in Fe1/3TaS2. In: Journal of Physical Chemistry C, Vol. 124, No. 45: pp. 24984-24994
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Herein, we present an extensive study of the magnetic and magnetotransport properties of iron-inserted transition-metal dichalcogenide Fe1/3TaS2. High-quality single crystals were prepared by an improved protocol for chemical vapor transport. The crystals show a sharp ferromagnetic order transition at the Curie temperature T-C = 38 K, a very high anisotropy field of 79 T, and slow relaxation of the magnetization below T-C. The field-dependent Hall resistivity in the ferromagnetic regime does not follow the M(H) curves, which could be explained by the unusual large negative magnetoresistance that reaches values of up to -72% under a field of 9 T. The large temperature and field dependence of the Hall effect and magnetoresistance near the Curie temperature point to a strong interaction of the charge carriers with thermally induced fluctuations of the spins.