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Kim, Young-Cheon; Cha, Ahra; Hussain, Muhammad; Lee, Kwanuk; Lee, Sanghyeob (2020): Impact of Agrobacterium-infiltration and transient overexpression of BroMYB28 on glucoraphanin biosynthesis in broccoli leaves. In: Plant Biotechnology Reports, Vol. 14, No. 3: pp. 373-380
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


To date studies revealed that MYB28 intensively involved biosynthesis of GSLs, there is no direct evidence of MYB28 in glucoraphanin (GR) biosynthesis of broccoli. Furthermore, Agrobacterium (Agro)-infiltration also induced GSLs in Arabidopsis. However, there is no information regarding Agro-dependent GR accumulation in broccoli. We revealed that over-expression of BroMYB28 could accumulate GR, and Agro-infiltration is also enough to induce the accumulation of GR in broccoli. From our results, it is suggested that they used different regulatory mechanisms;BroMYB28 over-expression induced both BroMYB28 and BroMYB29 (Bol008849-like) transcripts;Agro-infiltration induced only BroMYB29 (Bol008849-like) transcripts.