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Averyanov, Leonid V.; Khang Sinh, Nguyen; Hoang Thanh, Son; Tillich, H.-J.; Wynn-Jones, Bleddyn; Maisak, Tatiana V. (2020): New taxa and new records in Aspidistra (Convallariaceae s.s.) of Laos and Vietnam. In: Nordic Journal of Botany, Vol. 38, No. 9, e02877
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This paper continues the publication of newly obtained results from a continuing taxonomic investigation of the genusAspidistrain Laos and Vietnam. It includes illustrated diagnoses of two new species,A. melanasterAver., K.S. Nguyen & Tillich,A. obliquaK.S. Nguyen & Aver., two new varieties,A. semiapertaAver. & Tillich var.globuliferaAver., K.S. Nguyen & Tillich,A. luteaTillich var.luteo-rubraK.S. Nguyen, Aver. & Tillich, and notes on two species,A. austroyunnanensisG.W. Hu, Lei Cai & Q.F. Wang andA. hekouensisH. Li, C.L. Long & Bogner newly recorded in the flora of Vietnam. Color illustrations, new or updated data on morphology, ecology, phenology, tentative relationships, distribution and conservation status are provided for all the mentioned taxa.