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Well, Natalija van; Bolte, Michael; Eisele, Claudio; Keller, Lukas; Schefer, Jürg; Smaalen, Sander van (2020): Mixed system Cs3Cu3Cl8-xBrxOH with weakly connected Cu-triangles. In: Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids, Vol. 140, 109386
Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


To study the relationship between the properties of low-dimensional spin systems with weakly coupled Cu-triangles and their crystal structure, single crystals of Cs3Cu3Cl8OH (1) and the new Cs3Cu3Cl7.6Br0.4OH (2) were grown. Both compounds are isostructural and crystallize in a monoclinic structure with space group P2(1)/c. The magnetic susceptibility of (1) shows a maximum at 2.23 K and of (2) at 2.70 K, which are attributed to antiferromagnetic phase transitions. Furthermore, the magnetization along the b-axis at 1.9 K for both compounds shows a spin-flop transition into a new antiferromagnetic phase. This transition occurs at 0.61 T for (1) and at 2.0 T for (2). The antiferromagnetic order can be suppressed by a magnetic field B-C1 = 1.1 T for (1) and B-C2 = 1.2 T for (2). First single crystal neutron diffraction measured on (1) at different temperatures reveals the magnetic signal on the top of the nuclear reflection at (-1 0 0). Its magnetic ordering temperature was found to be at T-N1 = 2.12(3) K.