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Perica, Ivana (2020): Aesthetic 'Traditions and Perspectives' and the Politics of the Yugoslav 1968. In: Slavica Tergestina, Vol. 24: pp. 20-48

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The article inspects the political character of the 1968 events in Yugoslavia against the Background: of culturalised interpretations of this watershed year in post-foundational theory and aesthetics. The article presupposes that to interpret the global 1968 in terms of an emergence of the political as an aesthetic, cultural subversion of outdated politics would result in a myopic conclusion that 1968 did not happen at all in Yugoslavia. Why is this so? In order to pursue this rather banal but pertinent question, the opposition between politics and the political will be extended along the lines of the dialectics of evolution and revolution. It is precisely the continuity of politics that can help us explain why the Yugoslav 1968 did not usher in formations that in the West were subsequently theorised as pertaining to the notion of the political.

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