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Fischer, Martin (2021): Sequent Calculi for the Propositional Logic of HYPE. In: Studia Logica, Vol. 110: pp. 643-677
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In this paper we discuss sequent calculi for the propositional fragment of the logic of HYPE. The logic of HYPE was recently suggested by Leitgeb (Journal of Philosophical Logic 48:305–405, 2019) as a logic for hyperintensional contexts. On the one hand we introduce a simple G1-system employing rules of contraposition. On the other hand we present a G3-system with an admissible rule of contraposition. Both systems are equivalent as well as sound and complete proof-system of HYPE. In order to provide a cut-elimination procedure, we expand the calculus by connections as introduced in Kashima and Shimura (Mathematical Logic Quarterly 40:153–172, 1994).