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Cremer, Christoph; Cremer, Thomas; Fukada, M und Nakanishi, K. (1980): Detection of laser-UV microirradiation-induced DNA photolesions by immunofluorescent staining. In: Human Genetics, Vol. 54, Nr. 1: S. 107-110


A low-power laser-UV microbeam of wave-length 257 nm was used for microirradiation of a small part of the nucleus of Chinese hamster cells. Following fixation in interphase or in the subsequent metaphase indirect immunofluorescent staining was performed with antiserum to photoproducts of DNA treated with far UV light. The results show that antibodies specific for UV-irradiated DNA can be used for a direct detection of laser-UV microirradiation-induced DNA photolesions. The potential usefulness of this method for investigation of the spatial arrangement of chromosomes in the interphase nucleus is discussed.