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Hens, Luc; Baumann, Hella; Cremer, Thomas; Sutter, Axel; Cornelis, Jan J. und Cremer, Christoph (1983): Immunocytochemical localization of chromatin regions UV-microirradiated in S phase or anaphase : Evidence for a territorial organization of chromosomes during cell cycle of cultured Chinese hamster cells. In: Experimental Cell Research, Vol. 149: S. 257-269


Chinese hamster cells (M3-1 line) in S phase were laser-UV-microirradiated (λ, 257 nm) at a small site of the nucleus. Cells were fixed either immediately thereafter or in subsequent stages of the cell cycle, including prophase and metaphase. The microirradiated chromatin was visualized by indirect immunofluorescence microscopy using antibodies specific for UV-irradiated DNA. During the whole post-incubation period (4–15 h) immunofluorescent labelling was restricted to a small part of the nucleus ( , 4.5 % of the total nuclear area). In mitotic cells segments of a few chromosomes only were labelled. Following microirradiation of chromosome segments in anaphase, immunofluorescent labelling was observed over a small part of the resulting interphase nucleus. A territorial organization of interphase chromosomes, i.e. interphase chromosomes occupying distinct domains, has previously been demonstrated by our group for the nucleus of Chinese hamster cells in G1. Our present findings provide evidence that this organization pattern is maintained during the entire cell cycle.