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Rappold, Gudrun A.; Hameister, Horst; Cremer, Thomas; Adolph, Sabine; Henglein, Berthold; Freese, Ulrich-K.; Lenoire, Gilbert M.; Bornkamm, Georg W. (1984): C-myc and immunoglobulin kappa light chain constant genes are on the 8q+ chromosome of three Burkitt lymphoma lines with t(2;8) translocations. In: The EMBO Journal, Vol. 3, No. 12: pp. 2951-2955


We have determined the localization of c-myc and the immunoglobulin kappa light chain genes on the 8q+/2p- chromosomes of the three Burkitt lymphoma lines BL21, LY66 and LY91 with t(2;8) translocation by in situ hybridization. BL21 is characterized by a complex translocation in which a piece of chromosome 9 appears to be located between the fragments of chromosome 8 and 2 on the 8q+ chromosome. Our data indicate that in all three cell lines the c-myc gene is located on the 8q+ chromosome proximal to the breakpoint in band 8q24. In all cell lines examined the cluster of kappa variable genes has remained on the 2p- chromosome. In LY91 cells the major part of the joining region remained on 2p-, while the joining region has moved to 8q+ in the cell lines BL21 and LY66. In all three cell lines the constant kappa light chain gene was found on the 8q+ chromosome. The fact that an essentially identical pattern was found in the cell line BL21, with the complex translocation, suggests that the insertion of the piece of chromosome 9 into the 8q+ chromosome might be a secondary event. Our present data fit into the concept that in all Burkitt lymphoma lines investigated so far, including cases with t(8;14) and the variant translocations t(2;8) and t(8;22), the c-myc gene becomes situated at the 5' side of an immunoglobulin constant gene. This may have implications for the generation of somatic mutations in the coding and non-coding part of the c-myc gene.