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Lengauer, Christoph; Lüdecke, H. J.; Wienberg, Johannes; Cremer, Thomas und Horsthemke, B. (1991): Comparative chromosome band mapping in primates byin situ suppression hybridization of band specific DNA microlibraries. In: Human Evolution, Vol. 6, Nr. 1: S. 67-71


A DNA-library established from microdissected bands 8q23 to 8q24.1 of normal human chromosomes 8 (Lüdecke et al., 1989) was used as a probe for chromosomal in situ suppression (CISS-) hybridization to metaphase chromosomes of man and primates including Hylobates lar and Macaca fuscata. Comparative band mapping as first applied in this study shows the specific visualization of a single subchromosomal region in all three species and thus demonstrates that synteny of the bulk sequences of a specific human chromosome subregion has been conserved for more than 20 million years.