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Ried, Thomas; Petersen, Iver; Holtgreve-Grez, Heidi; Speicher, Michael R.; Schröck, Evelin; Manoir, Stanislas du und Cremer, Thomas (1994): Mapping of Multiple DNA Gains and Losses in Primary Small Cell Lung Carcinomas by Comparative Genomic Hybridization. In: Cancer Research, Vol. 54: S. 1801-1806


Comparative genomic hybridization was applied for a comprehensive screening of under- and overrepresentation of genetic material in 13 autoptic small cell lung cancer specimens. The most abundant genetic changes include DNA losses of chromosome arms 3p, 5q, 10q, 13q, and 17p and DNA gains of 3q, 5p, 8q, and 17q. Amplification sites in these tumors were mapped to 22 chromosome bands. The most frequently involved band was 19q13.1 (4 cases). Bands 1p32, 2p23, 7q11.2, 8q24, and 13q33–34 were involved in two cases each.