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Stief, Christian Georg; Gall, Helmut; Scherb, Wolfgang und Bähren, Wolfgang (Juni 1988): Mid-term results of autoinjection therapy for erectile dysfunction. In: Urology, Vol. 31, Nr. 6: S. 483-485


Of over 300 patients with erectile dysfunction, 186 were selected for intracavernosal autoinjection therapy with a standardized papaverine-phentolamine mixture. A total of 156 patients performed 4,813 protocol autoinjections with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 230 per patient. The dose that induced a full erection at the hospital could be reduced under home conditions by a mean of 35 per cent. Systemic side effects were not observed. The most inconvenient local side effects were prolonged erections in 24 patients in diagnostic use and in 3 patients in therapeutic use. These were treated easily without further consequences.