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Stief, Christian Georg und Wetterauer, Ulrich (November 1989): Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Dynamic Cavernosographies in Erectile Dysfunction due to Venous Leakage. In: Urology, Vol. 34, Nr. 5: S. 252-257


Of 521 patients with erectile dysfunction in whom a multidisciplinary approach was used, 145 (27.8%) showed venous leakage as (concomitant) etiology of the impotence in dynamic cavernosography. The rate of the maintenance flow corresponded well with the response to a standardized intracavernosal injection of vasoactive drugs (p < 0.05) in patients with venous leakage. The maintenance flow increased with the age in secondary impotent men. It was not statistically different in patients with or without concomitant arterial insufficiency (p = 0.19). Fifty-one of 145 patients (32.2%) presented a pathologic cavernosal drainage via a single venous system; 94/145 (64.8%) showed a combined venous leakage. The type of leakage corresponded neither to the maintenance flow nor to the response to intracavernosal injections. Our findings show that standardized intracavernosal testing and Doppler have a high predictive value for the status of the venous occlusive system. Exact evaluation of the type of leakage can be made by bidimensional cavernosography only.