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Waltermann, Hubertus; Zwingmann, Nina and Hess, Thomas ORCID logoORCID: https://orcid.org/0000-0003-3969-7477 (2022): Enablers of Recombinant Digital Innovation in Service Systems from Media. AMCIS 2022, Minneapolis, August 10-14, 2022. In: AMCIS 2022 Proceedings. 2.,

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The ability to recombine established digital technologies is a central driver for developing innovative service solutions within service systems. However, factors that enable the application of mechanisms for recombinant digital innovation in service systems are somewhat vague, leading to unwitting recombination efforts. Based on theory from service science and digital innovation literature, we investigate which innovation capabilities are necessary to apply recombination mechanisms by using the example of service solution development in the media industry in a multiple case study. We identify specific enablers for associative and additive recombination mechanisms embedded within an organization's IT application portfolio, structure, culture, capabilities, and partnerships. We contribute to IS literature by providing insights on the prerequisites for recombinant innovation in service systems. Our conceptual framework helps managers focus on implementing appropriate enablers for their respective digital innovation strategy.

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