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Augustin, J.; Sander, M. and Koller, D. (2021): Bedeutung der gesundheitsgeografischen Forschung für die Dermatologie. In: Hautarzt, Vol. 73, No. 1: pp. 5-14

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The association between geographic and medical aspects is a well-known phenomenon, which also occurs in dermatological research. This article reviews the field of health geography, the history of the association between spatial location and health, and focuses on current areas of research. Research focusing on explaining regional variations in health refer to individual aspects and needs, population factors, environmental factors, and health care delivery structures in specific regions, as well as the interaction between them. Regional healthcare research is primarily concerned with access to health services and on the utilisation of those services. Methodologically, the analysis of geodata and the application of geographic information systems (GIS) and spatial modelling play a major role in this field. Dermatological research and dermatological practice can benefit from the findings of the regional analysis of access, utilisation, and variations in order to obtain a more detailed picture of care and thus to optimise care.

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