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Cotofana, Sebastian; Moellhoff, Nicholas; Frank, Konstantin; Freytag, Lysander and Alfertshofer, Michael G. (2021): Biomechanische Zusammenhänge in Bezug auf Alterungsprozesse des Gesichts. In: Journal für Asthetische Chirurgie, Vol. 15, No. 1: pp. 3-13

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Background Understanding age-related anatomical changes and biomechanical concepts of the individual components of the face is crucial in order to achieve a natural and aesthetically pleasing result with soft tissue filler injections, while simultaneously reducing the risk of adverse events. Objective This typical age-related changes in the face are summarized and the importance of the respective biomechanical characteristics is explained. Through this, basic principles for safe, effective and aesthetically pleasing soft tissue filler injections, including the latest scientific findings can be generated. Methods This narrative overview summarizes the current scientific understanding of facial aging and its effects on facial biomechanics. The basic treatment principles for aesthetic treatments of the face derived from this were collected through the research results and experience of the authors. Results Doctors who apply soft tissue filler injection treatment in the face can orientate themselves to three basic principles based on current scientific research: upper facial regions first, lateral face first and deep injections first. These three principles can be combined together in order to achieve optimum results with soft tissue filler injection treatment. Conclusion This review article summarizes the current state of research on facial aging and the treatment of these associated changes with soft tissue filler injections in three fundamental principles. These principles are intended to help doctors in aesthetic medicine achieve safe and effective results in the treatment of facial signs of aging.

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