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Fink, Edwin; Godec, Gudrun; Arnhold, Marianne; Nawratil, Peter (1993): Utilization of Polyspecific Antiserum for Specific Radioimmunoassays: Radioimmunoassays for Rat Fetuin and Bikunin Were Developed by Using Antiserum Against Total Rat Serum Proteins. In: Analytical Letters, Vol. 26, No. 12: pp. 2587-2594


Polyspecific antiserum against total rat serum proteins was used to develop specific and sensitive radioimmunoassays for fetuin and bikunin, two minor protein components of rat plasma. The radioimmunoassays proved to be highly useful to trace bikunin and fetuin in the course of developing isolation procedures, since neither specific functional assays nor monospecific antisera were available. The two examples demonstrate that, in general, it will be possible to develop a specific and sensitive radioimmunoassay with antiserum raised against a crude antigen preparation, such as a body fluid or a tissue extract, provided that a minute amount of pure antigen is available for preparing the radioiodinated antigen.