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Fetterhoff, Dustin; Sobolev, Andrey and Leibold, Christian (2021): Graded remapping of hippocampal ensembles under sensory conflicts. In: Cell Reports, Vol. 36, No. 11, 109661

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Hippocampal place cells are thought to constitute a cognitive map of space derived from multimodal sensory inputs. Alteration of allocentric (visual) cues in a fixed environment is known to induce modulations of place cell activity to varying degrees from rate changes to global remapping. To determine how hippocampal ensembles combine multimodal sensory cues, we examine hippocampal CA1 remapping in Mongolian gerbils in a 1D virtual reality experiment, during which self-motion cues (locomotor, vestibular, and optic flow information) and allocentric visual cues are altered. We observe that self-motion cues are over-represented, but responsiveness to allocentric visual cues, although task-irrelevant, elicits both rate and global remapping in the hippocampal ensemble. We propose that remapping can be reconciled by considering global, partial, and rate remapping on a continuous scale on which the graded change of activity in the entire CA1 population can be interpreted as the expectancy about the animal's spatial environment.

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