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Gelezhe, Pavel; Gombolevskiy, Victor; Morozov, Sergey; Melnikov, Dmitry; Korb, Tatiana Aleksandrovna; Aleshina, Olga Olegovna; Frank, Konstantin; Gotkin, Robert H.; Green, Jeremy B. and Cotofana, Sebastian (2021): Three-Dimensional Description of the Angular Artery in the Nasolabial Fold. In: Aesthetic Surgery Journal, Vol. 41, No. 6: pp. 697-704

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Background: Due to its arterial vasculature, the nasolabial sulcus is one of the most challenging facial regions to treat when trying to ameliorate the signs of facial aging. Objectives: The aim of the present study was to provide data on the 3-dimensional course of the angular artery within the nasolabial sulcus in relation to age, gender, and body mass index to increase safety during minimally invasive treatments. Methods: Thee hundred nasolabial sulci from 75 males and 75 females of Russian Caucasian ethnic background (mean [standard deviation] age, 45.7 [18.7] years;mean body mass index, 25.14 [4.9] kg/m(2)) were analyzed. Bilateral multiplanar measurements were based on contrast-enhanced computed tomography cranial scans. Results: Up to 3 arteries could be identified within the nasolabial sulcus: (similar to)90% contained 1 arterial trunk, (similar to)9% had 2 trunks, and (similar to)1% had 3 trunks;females had more arteries than men. The artery is located at mean depths of 21.6 mm at the oral commissure and 8.9 mm at the nasal ala. The angular artery was lateral to the nasolabial sulcus in 100% of cases;the smallest distance between the artery and the nasolabial sulcus was at the oral commissure (11.91 [7.9] mm) and the greatest was at the nasal ala (13.73 [3.9] mm). Conclusions: In contrast to current concepts, the angular artery is not located strictly subdermal to the nasolabial sulcus but at a variable depth, and in 100% of the investigated cases lateral to the nasolabial sulcus. With increasing age, the depth and lateral distance between arteries and sulci reduces significantly, underscoring the need for special caution when injecting this site.

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