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Hintschich, Christoph (2021): Eyelid Surgery in Graves' Orbitopathy. In: Klinische Monatsblätter für Augenheilkunde, Vol. 238, No. 1: pp. 33-40

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Patients with Graves' orbitopathy often develop eyelid changes. These may be the result of a volume effect or a malposition. Both dermatochalasis with fat tissue increase and eyelid retraction may lead to functional or aesthetic impairment. The present article reviews indications, timing and principles for corrective eyelid surgery. If at all possible, surgical eyelid correction in Graves' orbitopathy should be performed once the disease became inactive and stabile. Surgical details of eyelid lengthening procedures for upper and lower eyelid retraction are presented. Meanwhile anterior blepharotomy became the primary procedure for upper eyelid lengthening. However, there is no such standard procedure for lower eyelid lengthening, although it is recommended to use a spacer. For blepharoplasty it is mandatory to distinguish between orbital fat prolapse and subbrow fat pad. A prolapse of the lacrimal gland should not be missed and generally, skin excision performed sparingly.

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