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Holenstein, S.; Hummel, F.; Guguchia, Z.; Kamusella, S.; Barbero, N.; Ogino, H.; Shermadini, Z.; Khasanov, R.; Amato, A.; Shiroka, T.; Klauss, H-H; Morenzoni, E.; Johrendt, D. and Luetkens, H. (2021): Pressure dependence of the superconducting and magnetic transition temperatures in Sr2VO3FeAs. In: Physical Review B, Vol. 104, No. 10, 104507

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


We report muon spin rotation (mu SR) and magnetization measurements on superconducting Sr2VO3FeAs under pressure. At ambient pressure, Sr2VO3FeAs undergoes an antiferromagnetic transition of the V moments at T-N and becomes superconducting at T-c < T-N. As a function of pressure, T-N initially decreases while T-c increases. Surprisingly, once T-N approximate to T-c at 0.6 GPa, T-N reverses its trend and increases together with T-c, which might indicate a cooperative coupling of the superconducting and the magnetic order.

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