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Hörner, Lina and Schulz, Bianka (2021): Herkömmliche Diagnostikmöglichkeiten feliner chronisch-entzündlicher Bronchialerkrankungen: eine Übersicht (Teil 1). In: Kleintierpraxis, Vol. 66, No. 4: pp. 224-241

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Feline chronic inflammatory bronchial disease is a common problem in cats. It can be classified into feline asthma and feline chronic bronchitis, although mixed forms can occur. A type-I-hypersensitivity-reaction is thought to be involved in the aetiology of feline asthma. In chronic bronchitis the aetiology has not yet been clarified. Affected cats commonly show coughing and dyspnoea, caused by excessive mucous secretion in the airways, oedema of the mucous membranes and spasm of the bronchial wall muscles, resulting in a restricted airflow. Various diagnostic tests can be performed to establish a diagnosis of feline chronic inflammatory bronchial disease and to exclude differential diagnose, primarily infectious problems. This article presents an overview of established and new diagnostic methods in two parts.

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