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Hoybye, Charlotte; Beck-Peccoz, Paolo; Murray, Robert D.; Simsek, Suat; Stalla, Guenter; Strasburger, Christian J.; Urosevic, Dragan; Zouater, Hichem and Johannsson, Gudmundur (2021): Safety and effectiveness of replacement with biosimilar growth hormone in adults with growth hormone deficiency: results from an international, post-marketing surveillance study (PATRO Adults). In: Pituitary, Vol. 24, No. 4: pp. 622-629

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Purpose To evaluate safety and effectiveness of biosimilar recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH;Omnitrope (R)) in adults with growth hormone deficiency (GHD), using data from the PATRO Adults study. Methods PATRO Adults was a post-marketing surveillance study conducted in hospitals and specialized endocrinology units across Europe. The primary objective was to assess the safety of rhGH in adults treated in routine clinical practice. All adverse events (AEs) were monitored and recorded for the complete duration of Omnitrope (R) treatment. Effectiveness was evaluated as a secondary objective. Results As of January 2020, 1447 patients (50.9% male) had been enrolled from 82 centers in 9 European countries. Most patients had adult-onset GHD (n = 1179;81.5%);721 (49.8%) were rhGH-naive at study entry. Overall, 1056 patients (73.0%) reported adverse events (AEs;n = 5397 events);the majority were mild-to-moderate in intensity. Treatment-related AEs were reported in 117 patients (8.1%;n = 189 events);the most commonly reported (MedDRA preferred terms) were arthralgia (n = 19), myalgia (n = 16), headache (n = 14), and edema peripheral (n = 10). In total, 495 patients (34.2%) had serious AEs (SAEs;n = 1131 events);these were considered treatment-related in 28 patients (1.9%;n = 35 events). Mean (standard deviation) IGF-I SDS increased from - 2.34 (1.47) at baseline to - 0.23 (1.65) at 12 months, and remained relatively stable thereafter (up to 3 years). Body mass index remained stable between baseline and 3 years. Conclusion Data from PATRO Adults indicate biosimilar rhGH (Omnitrope(R)) is not associated with any unexpected safety signals, and is effective in adults with GHD treated in real-world clinical practice.

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