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Imterat, Majdi; Holly, Jessica; Harter, Philipp; Ataseven, Beyhan and Heitz, Florian (2021): Diagnostik und Therapie des Zervixkarzinoms. In: Gynakologe, Vol. 54, No. 11: pp. 829-839

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


Primary treatment of cervical cancer should include as few therapy modalities as possible. An optimal diagnostic algorithm-including an estimation of local (cervix), loco-regional (lymph nodes), and distant disease spread-should be adhered to maintain the latter principle. Surgery alone is sufficient in most cases of early-stage disease. In locally advanced disease, one must meticulously evaluate whether surgery alone will be sufficient, or whether risk factors will be present after surgery and adjuvant radio-chemotherapy will be indicated. If this is anticipated, primary combined, simultaneous radio-chemotherapy should be performed. In metastatic disease, platinum-based chemotherapy with paclitaxel and bevacizumb is the standard regimen and is associated with prolonged overall survival. Newest data indicate high efficacy for checkpoint-inhibitor therapy with cemiplimab in patients with recurrent disease after platinum-based chemotherapy.

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