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Ionescu, A.; Pascu, S.; Sima, O.; Faestermann, T.; Hertenberger, R.; Mihai, C.; Mihai, R.; Nita, C.; Turturica, A. and Wirth, H-F (2021): NEW RESULTS ON 0(+) STATES IN THE NUCLEUS Gd-156 USING THE (p, t) REACTION. In: Romanian Reports in Physics, Vol. 73, No. 4, 202

Full text not available from 'Open Access LMU'.


The structure of Gd-156 was investigated with the Q3D magnetic spectrograph and the (p,t) transfer reaction at an incident energy of 23 MeV. Excitation energies in Gd-156 were extracted following a calibration procedure using the Gd-154(p,t) and Yb-172(p,t) reactions measured under the same magnetic conditions. This study is concentrated on revealing the 0(+) excited states, which are some of the least understood excitations in the low-energy structure of atomic nuclei. These excitations are well revealed in the (p,t) transfer reaction, which is known to provide an almost complete spectroscopy of low-spin states. Spin assignments were obtained by measuring angular distributions with a good energy resolution and comparing them with the calculations made using the Distorted Wave Born Approximation (DWBA). Many states with different spins in the energy interval between 0 to 3500 keV were identified. The aim of this paper is to present the results for 0(+) states;we obtained 18 excited 0(+) states, of which 12 have not been previously observed in (p,t) reactions and 6 are confirmed. The high number of 0(+) states observed in this work provides an opportunity to test the theoretical models.

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